Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Neighborhood Night Out

Last night we had our first outing as a family of five! It was just down the street at our neighborhood park, so the stakes weren't too high in case things went south. It was neighborhood night out, otherwise known as "Spend all of the HOA funds in one night". There were free hot dogs, snow cones, pony rides, train rides, inflatables, and visits from the police and fire departments.

We toured the EMS helicopter and then watched in awe when it took off and flew right over our heads while we were waiting for the pony rides.

We couldn't  miss out on the train rides, driven by our old friend Conductor Larry!

And pony rides! I think this was Andrew's first time on a horse!

Since starting kindergarten, Jackson knows everyone! He sees kids he know from school everywhere we go. So we got to meet some of our neighbors, courtesy of Jackson and his extroverted tendencies. =)

And Benjamin was great the whole night, though not terribly impressed with the activities!

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