Friday, October 9, 2015

Mr. Popular

Mr. Benjamin is so popular that our house has been a revolving door of family and friends all excited to meet him!

When he was just a few days old, Papa John and Granny came for the day to meet their new grandboy.

Then he was a big hit with the ladies when my NSFP family came to visit.

Libby was sick the day the other girls came, but made it a few days later. I don't think she minded the one on one snuggle time!

Last weekend Benjamin got to meet more family when Uncle Marc, Aunt Ali, Annabelle and Breelie came to visit!

And though they hardly qualify as visitors after 2 weeks of cooking, cleaning and basically spoiling us with how well they took care of us, Grammy and Pop had to leave to go home. =(
Thank you Grammy and Pop! We appreciate you more than we can express!

Benjamin loves all of his company, but one of his favorite people is his sweet big brother.

We love all of our visitors, but we equally enjoy our quiet days at home when we occupy ourselves with Netflix and taking pictures of precious baby toes. =)

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