Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mr. Malnar

Jackson's school had a unit on community helpers. At the end of the unit, they were encouraged to come to school dressed as the community helper they want to be when they grow up. Jackson said he wants to be a teacher! Now, we weren't sure exactly how to dress like a teacher, but Jackson, ahem, Mr. Malnar rocked his tie and suspenders!

He is loving kindergarten, particularly lunch, PE, recess, computers and Kids Klub. =) He also likes math and checking books out of the library. He's not a fan of writing, particularly now that he's actually expected to finish his work, but he's made huge improvements in just a few short weeks.

And you want to know why he likes lunch so much? When Grammy and Pop were here they went and had lunch with him. Out of the blue, he says "There are a lot of beautiful girls in the first grade." LOL. Apparently his lunch overlaps with some of the first grade classes. Oh my, please pray for us for the teen years!

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