Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hot Shots at Half Time

Jackson got a fun opportunity last weekend when the older Hot Shots soccer classes were invited to scrimmage at half time at an Aggie soccer game. We eagerly signed him up to participate, and then came the remnants of a hurricane. As late as Sunday afternoon we were anxiously checking to see if the rainy weather would clear out in time for the 6:00 game. It was cool and the air was pretty damp, but we were able to make it!

The kiddos were also able to be the "Kids of the Game" and walk out on the field with the players before kickoff. 

Jackson's buddy and soccer teammate, Caleb, braved the weather too! The boys actually really enjoyed watching the game. Jackson was particularly engaged and at one point yelled at one of the players "don't use your hands!" when she was doing a throw-in. They haven't quite covered that one yet in his classes. =)

Pretty soon it was halftime and these cute kids got to take the field!

Jackson even scored a goal! 

Go Hot Shots!

Andrew was a bit sad that he didn't get to play too. Poor little brother. But he's definitely a hot shot in his own right! He enjoys most parts of soccer practice but his favorite part is at the end when they play "Tail Tag". Each child has a penny "tail" and the other children try to capture their tail. Andrew is fast and competitive so he excels at tail tag. On this particular day, he captured every other child's tails and then it was his turn....

A game of tail tag at the end of class never gets old!
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