Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Busy Boy

Benjamin is a busy boy. Eat, sleep, "play", repeat. And by "play", I mean hanging out "talking" to mom (think me doing my best baby voice singing silly songs) or 5 minutes of laying on his baby gym before he decides that he would much rather be cuddled. 

But he does seem to enjoy those 5 minutes! 

He's not the only one who enjoys the baby gym. We brought out the baby toys and big brothers acted like it was Christmas morning. 

Benjamin and I go visit Justin for lunch about once a week and he quite enjoys his midday snuggles with daddy.

Mom gets the majority of his snuggles though. No complaints here.

During those snuggles I also shamelessly take dozens of pictures of his little hands and feet.

Andrew enjoys his Benjamin snuggles for about 1 minute each day before he loses interest (which is probably in Benjamin's best interest as "snuggle" for Andrew is synonymous with a compulsion to poke him in the eye or up his nose).

Benjamin usually enjoys his walks in the stroller that we take around the park or on our way to soccer practice, although in this picture he appears suspicious of my navigation skills.

All of that activity works up a sweat so a bath is necessary. He's sitting up straight and tall in his bath now!

And somehow he still found time to grow eyelashes! We are very proud of this accomplished young man!

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