Thursday, October 1, 2015

Benjamin's First Bath & Game Day

Benjamin had his first bath on Saturday, which the big brothers found to be quite entertaining. 

Both were eager to help. Jackson got to pump the soap into the bowl, which made Andrew mad (he got to pump the lotion at the end, but you know, delayed gratification is hard for an almost 3 year old).

Benjamin didn't mind his bath too much at the beginning...

But once more of him was exposed and wet and cold, he was less pleased with the whole process.

Jackson and Andrew didn't love this part much either, but I love this picture! Benjamin really doesn't cry much so the sound is pretty new to them.

Benjamin was worn out from the whole ordeal and slept through almost his entire first Aggie game.

We were playing the Arkansas Razorbacks, so being the good Ags that we are, we ate pulled pork sandwiches for dinner! We coaxed Jackson and Andrew into finishing their dinner by telling them it would bring the Aggies good luck. We put them to bed before the nail biting 4th Quarter and overtime, but we were happy to tell them the next morning that it was surely their extra effort that helped the Aggies win!

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