Saturday, October 10, 2015

Benjamin's 2nd Week

On Wednesday Benjamin was 2 weeks old! 

He's starting to fill out quite nicely! He looks rounder by the day. I swear some mornings we wake up and his face looks fuller from the night before or he has a new dimple that wasn't there before. With all the quality time he's spending with mom, these skinny legs won't last long!

We've seen a lot more of this guy's opened eyes this week with longer periods of alertness, and his eyelashes and eyebrows have gone from non-existent to sparse. 

On Monday, his umbilical cord stump fell off, much to the relief of his brothers who were very concerned about it. With that old stinky thing gone, Benjamin got his first real bath which he quite enjoyed! The only part he didn't like was getting out of the tub, so I will call that a win!

He also had an outing almost every day this week. With two big brothers who have just as much energy and activities as ever, staying at home just gazing at our newborn isn't really an option. 

So on Sunday we went to a playground to let the big boys get out some energy.

On Monday, we had Andrew's special day for his birthday so Benjamin got to go to the duck pond park, out to eat at Double Dave's and his first trip to campus where he snoozed in his stroller and walked with his daddy and Pop while Grammy and I and the boys enjoyed the concert.

On Tuesday, we got to go to Andrew's school (which will also be Ben's school in January) to bring a birthday treat for Andrew to share with his classmates. Andrew was very excited to show off his baby brother to all of his classmates.

All of those outings really wear a guy out, so he fit in plenty of naps this week too!

Benjamin continues to be a really great baby, as long as mama is around. He's started getting a bit fussy in the late evening hours and at that time, only mama will do. He will not take a pacifier, and if you offer it, it just makes him angrier. This is ok for now, but I do hope that he decides the paci is ok as it will make his life easier once he starts daycare. We've got a few months to work on that. For now we are both pretty content to camp out together on the couch for most of our days!

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