Friday, October 2, 2015

Benjamin is 1 Week Old!

On Wednesday, our sweet little guy had been on the outside for a whole week!

 His week has been filled with a whole lot of this...

Yes, he is held almost constantly, but I ascribe to the belief that I will never look back on my life and wish I'd held my babies less. As such, we spend most of our days snuggling together on the couch and so far we have finished Season 1 of Gilmore Girls. This is what he thinks of Rory and Lorelai's lively banter...

With a week to get to know one another, this is what we have learned about precious Benjamin so far:

  • So far, he's a great sleeper. Spoiling us really. He regularly sleeps 4 or 5 hour stretches at night, only waking because I wake him up. 
  • He's a great eater. Absolutely no issues there. He may currently be tiny (7 lbs, 1 oz at his 2 day check-up), but it won't last long. That said, we are actually getting some use out of the few newborn size outfits we have that his brothers were only able to wear for about a day. And we will actually have to buy newborn size diapers which we have never done!
  • His hands are his besties and he must have them by his face. 
  • I am pretty good at anticipating his needs and he soothes easily so he does not cry much but he has a temper. When he wakes up and decides he's hungry, I better be ready or he lets us know how unacceptable it is to leave him waiting.
  • He gets the hiccups every time he is awake.
  • His rambunctious and loud brothers do not phase him at all.
  • He makes lots of little noises and vocalizations. I've nicknamed him Squeaker.

His 1 week day fell on what would have been our due date. So we took one more "belly pic". =)

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