Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Andrew's Curious George Birthday Party

Months ago, we started asking Andrew what he wanted for his birthday. He was very explicit that he wanted a Curious George party with cupcakes, candles and balloons. Easy enough! 

Andrew's adorable shirt was purchased from this Etsy seller.

Knowing that Benjamin would be arriving only a couple of weeks before the party, we kept it simple and let someone else do most of the work. Thanks PowerSports!

Andrew had so much fun running, jumping, and climbing with all of his friends!

Cupcakes and fruit provided just the sugar rush needed for more monkeying around!

We sang happy birthday and Andrew blew out those three candles like a pro!

We managed to get a picture of all of the little monkeys. The poor girls were definitely outnumbered at this party!

Present opening followed with all of its chaos and all of the guests wanting to "help" open each gift.

Benjamin did great at his first party! I thought for sure he would wake up hungry but he snoozed right through the whole thing under the watchful eye of his Grammy and Pop.

After a bit more play time, it was time to say goodbye and thanks for coming to my party! Andrew gave each of his guests a hug and a Curious George book on their way out.

Curious George--check! Balloons--check! Cupcakes-check! Candles--check! Fun with all of his friends--check! I would call his party a success! Happy Birthday Andrew! We had so much fun celebrating you!

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