Thursday, October 8, 2015

Andrew's 3rd Birthday

On Monday morning, Andrew woke up a a newly minted three year old! He got to skip school on his birthday to have a special day with Mommy, Daddy, Grammy, Pop and Benjamin. So we went off to the park to feed the ducks and have a picnic.

The duck feeding was sadly short-lived. With the somewhat cooler temperatures, I suspect that the park has been busy because the ducks weren't very interested in our offerings.

But Andrew had all of his favorite people all to himself so he wasn't too sad about the ducks.

We played a little, had our picnic and then took Andrew to one of his favorite places...the cupcake shop to pick out his birthday treat!

He picked pizza for his birthday dinner so after picking up Jackson, we went to Double Daves. Andrew made sure to save room for his "chocowate cupcake wif spwinkles!"

One more special activity was in store for his day...his first band concert! And not just any band...the United States Marine Band! I didn't really know how he would do, but he did great! He got a little bored during the slower songs, but really enjoyed the faster tempo pieces.

What a fun day spent with our precious THREE year old! We hope your whole year is just as happy as your special day buddy!

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