Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Well Check for Two

We were lucky enough to be able to schedule Andrew's 3 year and Benjamin's 2 week doctor's appointments at the same time. 

I think there's quite a little paradigm shift happening for Andrew. All of a sudden, he gets to be the big brother being brave for his little brother. At the doctor, he took on his new responsibility with ease and quite a bit of pride.

Benjamin was quite reassured by Andrew's relaxed demeanor and confidence. =)

Andrew had a great check-up! Here are his 3 year old stats:

Weight - 35 lbs (81st percentile)
Height- 37 in (39th percentile)

Dr. Sullivan thought we should expect to buy lots of new pants this season since it's likely he will soon shoot up in height. Apparently a big jump in weight often precedes a big growth spurt. Andrew also had his flu shot and didn't even cry! What a brave, tough boy!

Benjamin had a great check-up as well! Here are his two week stats:

Weight- 8 lbs, 15 oz (61st percentile and a 1 lb, 14 oz increase from his 2 day check-up just 13 days earlier).
Height- 21.25 inches (81st percentile and a .75 in increase from his 2 day check-up)
Head Circumference - 36 cm (55th percentile and a 1 cm increase from his 2 day check-up)

So yes, apparently Benjamin took it quite personally they everyone kept talking about how small he was compared to his big brothers. The boy eats like it's his job! He is already bigger than Jackson was and has pulled within 9 oz of Andrew at 2 weeks. Pretty impressive!

Both boys were deemed perfect! What a blessing!

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