Saturday, October 17, 2015

3 Weeks with Benjamin

On Wednesday, Benjamin celebrated 3 weeks as an outside baby! 

He's getting to be quite round and packing on new pudge and dimples everywhere we look! It's the best.

See, his legs already look less birdlike!

And he's been practicing his ninja moves too...

He's already losing that newborn look, as he fills out and his face grows more expressive.

His hands are still his best friends, and can be counted upon to wriggle their way out of the tightest swaddles. It also means he's an excellent poser though!

Week 3 brought more time awake, which gave him some time to hang out with his biggest brother.

And he got to see what soccer practice is like--his first that he didn't sleep through!

These periods of wakeful quiet alertness, while increasing, are still at least equal to periods of wakeful fussiness, and the fussiness is usually preceded by hiccups. Poor kid gets hiccups almost every time he is awake. I would cry too! He's still not a fan of the pacifier, though we did have occasional success with it this week. He would much prefer to comfort nurse, "purring" appreciatively all the while with the cutest little vocalizations. He tends to resist sleep, particularly the longer he's been awake, but white noise, a dim room, a good tight swaddle, and a rhythmic pat on the bottom usually does the trick. Every day we learn something new about him!

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