Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Kickoff

After much anticipation, the boys got to don their costumes for their first Halloween event--the MSC Hospitality Fall Festival on the A&M campus!

Batman and Thor were pretty excited for their first chance to dress up and GET CANDY, of course.

They were joined by Miles from Tomorrowland for all the fun.

And then we found all these familiar faces when we arrived! It was a reunion of sorts as they are all current students or proud alums of the WDS!

These superheroes take their carnival games quite seriously!

The Halloween fun continued the next day with "Dress Like your Favorite Book Character" (Charlotte from Charlotte's Web, of course) and "Wear a Superhero Shirt" day at each boy's school.

And all the Halloween fun was just getting started!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hot Shots at Half Time

Jackson got a fun opportunity last weekend when the older Hot Shots soccer classes were invited to scrimmage at half time at an Aggie soccer game. We eagerly signed him up to participate, and then came the remnants of a hurricane. As late as Sunday afternoon we were anxiously checking to see if the rainy weather would clear out in time for the 6:00 game. It was cool and the air was pretty damp, but we were able to make it!

The kiddos were also able to be the "Kids of the Game" and walk out on the field with the players before kickoff. 

Jackson's buddy and soccer teammate, Caleb, braved the weather too! The boys actually really enjoyed watching the game. Jackson was particularly engaged and at one point yelled at one of the players "don't use your hands!" when she was doing a throw-in. They haven't quite covered that one yet in his classes. =)

Pretty soon it was halftime and these cute kids got to take the field!

Jackson even scored a goal! 

Go Hot Shots!

Andrew was a bit sad that he didn't get to play too. Poor little brother. But he's definitely a hot shot in his own right! He enjoys most parts of soccer practice but his favorite part is at the end when they play "Tail Tag". Each child has a penny "tail" and the other children try to capture their tail. Andrew is fast and competitive so he excels at tail tag. On this particular day, he captured every other child's tails and then it was his turn....

A game of tail tag at the end of class never gets old!
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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rainy Weekend

It rained buckets all weekend, but you know what made it a little brighter? Seeing these faces! Justin's brother Cody and his wife Sam came to visit us! They got to meet Benjamin for the first time and hang out with the big boys. Thanks for coming to visit us guys! We loved having you!

A rainy weekend led to a couple of stir-crazy boys, so when we stepped outside for a minute on Saturday morning to watch the rain, and knowing we were just about to get the boys dressed for the day....well, one thing led to another and the next thing you know they are having a blast running around in the rain in their underwear. Best rainy Saturday ever!

Another great rainy day activity, of the fully clothed and dry variety, was water beads! Have you seen these things before? They come in a little tiny bag, you put a few teaspoons into a bowl of water, and a few hours later you have quarts of wonderfully squishy, slippery, bouncy water beads!

They provided hours of entertainment! They held Andrew's attention for about 45 minutes, which in Andrew terms is amazing. Jackson played with them for a couple of hours--scooping, pouring, and finally sorting them all into the various color groups.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Busy Boy

Benjamin is a busy boy. Eat, sleep, "play", repeat. And by "play", I mean hanging out "talking" to mom (think me doing my best baby voice singing silly songs) or 5 minutes of laying on his baby gym before he decides that he would much rather be cuddled. 

But he does seem to enjoy those 5 minutes! 

He's not the only one who enjoys the baby gym. We brought out the baby toys and big brothers acted like it was Christmas morning. 

Benjamin and I go visit Justin for lunch about once a week and he quite enjoys his midday snuggles with daddy.

Mom gets the majority of his snuggles though. No complaints here.

During those snuggles I also shamelessly take dozens of pictures of his little hands and feet.

Andrew enjoys his Benjamin snuggles for about 1 minute each day before he loses interest (which is probably in Benjamin's best interest as "snuggle" for Andrew is synonymous with a compulsion to poke him in the eye or up his nose).

Benjamin usually enjoys his walks in the stroller that we take around the park or on our way to soccer practice, although in this picture he appears suspicious of my navigation skills.

All of that activity works up a sweat so a bath is necessary. He's sitting up straight and tall in his bath now!

And somehow he still found time to grow eyelashes! We are very proud of this accomplished young man!

Monday, October 26, 2015

First Field Trip

Jackson got to go on his first kindergarten field trip last Friday for some Fall fun. Benjamin and I got to go and tag along. It was fun watching him run around with his new friends.

Jackson's field trip buddy was Blake, someone I've heard a lot about!

The hay maze was even more fun with lots of guy friends to play hide and seek with.

 Bless those kindergarten teachers!

On their way back to the bus, they got to pick out a baby pumpkin to take home with them.

Did I mention that they got to ride a REAL school bus?! This was perhaps the highlight of the trip for Jackson. Kindergarten is awesome!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Benjamin is 1 Month!

Benjamin is one month old! How can it be?! Fastest month ever!

He's doing awesome! He's chunking up quite nicely and I know he's grown several inches because the newborn clothes don't fit him anymore in the length (as well as the width). We moved him into size 1 diapers about a week ago, and I would estimate that he weighs about 11 pounds. 

All that growth doesn't happen by accident! Benjamin is a great eater. He nurses at least every two hours during the day, and enjoys an all-night buffet since we co-sleep after he wakes up around 2 or so. He still won't take a paci so he comfort nurses frequently.

He's super strong and holds his head up like a champ. He shocked me the other day by rolling over from tummy to back at 3 weeks, 5 days. I'm not sure he will replicate the move anytime soon, but still wanted to document it here! He doesn't love tummy time on the play mat but tolerates it okay. He definitely prefers tummy time on someone's chest. In general, if he's not sleeping he only lets me put him down for a few minutes at a time. The Moby wrap is getting lots of use so that I can have my hands free once in a while! He's gone with me in the Moby wrap on lots of errands, a teacher appreciation luncheon at Jackson's school, and even a school field trip. As long as he's close to mom he's pretty much a happy baby. 

Like most babies, he's happiest in the morning. He's been thinking about smiling at me and I've gotten a few little fleeting half smiles already. Unfortunately, he generally starts getting cranky about the time Justin and the boys get home in the evenings, and by about 8:30 at night he is done and ready for bed. . When he's fussy and fighting sleep, his kryptonite is a swaddle blanket, white noise, and patting his bottom.
Check out the thigh rolls! I'm telling you, all that quality time with mom is paying off!

Here's all of our boys at 1 month. I still think he looks more like Jackson, but hard to say from this picture because Ben is a lot more filled out then Jackson was at this point. They definitely all have their own look!

Happy month day sweet Benjamin! We already can't imagine our family without you!