Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Welcome Home Benjamin!

While we stayed in the hospital two nights with both Jackson and Andrew, I decided a few months ago that I only wanted to stay one night, if possible, with Benjamin. It just made sense for us to stay for as short a time as possible with two little ones waiting for us at home, constant disturbances throughout the night, and less than desirable sleeping arrangements for both Justin and I. So by early afternoon the day after Benjamin was born we were both happily discharged and headed home!

We dressed Ben in his precious coming home outfit (thanks, Stefanie!) and waited for all of the discharge processes.

With the green light to leave, the grandparents picked Jackson and Andrew up from school a little early and brought them to the hospital so they could be with us for the first ride home as a family of 5.

That's a full backseat!

Benjamin has two great helpers in the back seat! He will never lack for comfort or entertainment with these two great big brothers.

 Finally home!

Once home, everybody got some snuggle time in.

Jackson has not totally warmed up, but Andrew is completely and totally in love with his baby brother. For a boy who is normally such a bruiser, it's heart-melting to see this sweet and nurturing side.

Evie now wants a baby brother or sister. You're welcome, Mel. =)

Jackson may not have had much interest in holding Benjamin, but he was very appreciative of Benjamin's gift to him and got right to work!

There's no place like home, right Ben? We are so happy to finally have you here with us!

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