Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Day I Became a Soccer Mom

Jackson and Andrew started soccer last week! This is our first official venture into the world of extracurricular activities, so we are starting with Hot Shots soccer. In Hot Shots, they have one practice a week with a focus on fundamentals and no actual games. I'm just not ready to have our lives dictated by practice and game schedules, so this is a nice way to ease in while finding out if either boy actually enjoys the sport.

They both had been looking forward to starting soccer for many weeks and were so excited when the first practice finally arrived!

Andrew's class is first. He did GREAT! He followed directions so well, stayed focused on whatever the task was and had a lot of fun. 

He practiced dribbling...

...and shooting...

...and hopping like a bunny...

...and flying like an airplane.

Yes, I would say he enjoyed himself!

Jackson did awesome as well! Many of the kids in his class have been playing for several seasons, but he held his own pretty well. More importantly, he had a blast.

Look at that kick!

In Jackson's class, they do some 1 on 1 scrimmaging, and he got to scrimmage with his good buddy Caleb who is also in his class!

Caleb and Jackson went to the same preschool and are now going to the same elementary school but are in different classes. So while they see each other, they don't really get to play much. So being in the same soccer class together is something that Jackson was super excited about!

First class in the books and both boys can't wait to go back!

So now I'm a minivan driving, PTO board member, soccer mom. I'm not really sure how we got here so quickly, but it sure is fun. =)

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