Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Last Days as a Family of 4

I officially went on maternity leave last Friday. The timing of my temporary exit is a little strange since my department is moving to new office space in just a couple of weeks. This meant that I had to completely pack my office and turn in my key before leaving. I will just be out until the end of November, at which time I will return part-time until January...but it felt very final!
Turning in my key.
Grammy and Pop arrived on Saturday to get settled in and to learn the routines so they could pick up our slack while they stay with us for the next couple of weeks. With some extra adults around, we were able to get a last family picture as a family of 4! 
Andrew might miss his special "seat" on top of my bump, but I won't!
Benjamin gets to join this manly bunch! Oh how I love my boys!

Grammy, Pop and I accomplished what felt like a hundred errands on Monday, and then I declared Tuesday as my lady of leisure day. I had a relaxing morning and then met Justin for a last lunch date.

The boys normally have soccer on Wednesday, but since we were going to be otherwise occupied on Wednesday this week, we were able to switch them to Tuesday night instead. This meant they had the largest cheering section since Grammy, Pop, Nana, Aunt Melly and Evie had all arrived for Ben's arrival.

I think this picture pretty much sums up how ready I was to get the show on the road!

We are all ready to meet you Ben!

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