Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hospital Tour

With just a couple of weeks to go, we took the boys yesterday for their tour of the hospital so they could see where Ben is going to be born.

Jackson remembered many parts of the tour from when he went before Andrew was born, which is impressive, though not surprising, since we know he has an uncanny memory. He also had Nurse Ruth in stitches a few times with his smarty pants self. She was explaining what Ben will look like when they see him..."He will be wearing a bracelet on his wrist and ankle and his belly button won't look like yours. See, while he's been in mommy's tummy, he's been connected to her by what is basically a long hose and..." To which Jackson chimed in with "His umbilical cord." but said in a "duh, lady" kind of tone. 

Then later, as she was showing them the waiting area, she pointed out the computer that families could use while they were waiting, and mentioned that there were games on the computer. Jackson asks "There aren't any inappropriate games on there, right?" Where does he come up with this stuff?

While Jackson was an old pro, Andrew was pretty impressed with the tour. He was very attentive and especially enjoyed getting to press the buttons on the bed to make it go up and down.

What impressed us the most was how eager and nurturing Andrew was when he got to hold the baby doll and practice giving it a bottle. I seem to remember Jackson throwing it down on the floor when he went on his first tour. =)

Both boys behaved so well and Nurse Ruth complimented them on their excellent behavior. She said it's very unusual for her to have two well-behaved boys at the same time. I appreciated her vote of confidence that perhaps we can actually handle three!

In other news, at 37 weeks, I am officially full-term today! Ben would do well to stay put for another week, but he should begin thinking about his exit plan. 2 weeks or less!

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