Monday, September 28, 2015

Happy "Birth"day Ben!

You may remember that when Andrew was born, we had a little "birth"day party for him in the hospital. This was a big hit with big brother Jackson, and of course, now it is a tradition. The big brothers and cousin Evie really enjoyed the celebration. What's not to love about cupcakes, candles and presents? The brothers helped blow out the zero candle and cupcakes were enjoyed by all.

After cupcakes, the brothers exchanged presents. "Benjamin" picked out a transformer toy for Andrew and legos for Jackson. Well done Ben! The boys each picked out a book for Benjamin and a stuffed giraffe.

These guys are pretty proud of their baby brother. My sweet sister took these pictures and had them printed that night for the boys to take to school the next day to show off their new baby.

This picture took a little coaxing because Jackson was freaked out by my IV and the fact that one of my legs still wasn't working from the misplaced epidural. He was quite relieved to see me the next day tube free and walking around!

The birthday boy is such a party animal. =)

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