Sunday, September 13, 2015

10 Days (or less!)

The boys got to play outside all morning long without breaking a sweat, football was on our tv all weekend, HEB had a huge display of pumpkins out, and I have a pumpkin scented Scentsy burning. Fall is here! Which means that it's time for Ben to join us!

With 10 days or less until his arrival, the pressure was on to get baby ready. My nesting went into major overdrive, exemplified by the 23 items on our weekend to-do list. We managed to make it through 18 of them. Not so shabby! It's really starting to look like a baby lives here!

Even the boys got to help with the preparations with a special painting project for his name letters.

I even have all of Benjamin's first outfits ready that we will take with us to the hospital. His bag is all packed, except for folding these things up to add. My bag....not so much but I could probably throw it together in about 15 minutes if needed.

We did manage to fit in some fun this weekend too! A bunch of the kids from Jackson's preschool got together this afternoon for a play date and to catch up on how kindergarten has been treating them.

I made the mistake of telling Jackson about the scheduled play date on Friday....and then got to answer the question of "is it time to see my friends yet??" all.weekend.long. To say he was looking forward to it is an understatement and they had the best time playing and catching up.

And just look who was in the middle of all of it, holding his own with the 5 year olds....

 Even Ms. Kari got to come and hang out!

Hopefully Benjamin will stay put for at least a couple more days so we can make it through the last items on our to-do list, and I have a busy week at work finishing everything up. The boys also start soccer this week which they are really excited about. But this upcoming weekend would be perfect. Ya hear that Ben???

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