Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sweet Summertime

With my looming due date and Jackson starting kindergarten in just three short weeks, we are trying to make the most of each free moment of the end of this sweet summer. We did a pretty good job with this last weekend! 

On Friday night, our friends Bryan, Andrea and Caleb came over for dinner and some backyard splashing. Jackson and Caleb are in the same class at school and will be going to the same elementary school for kindergarten. Fingers crossed they get in the same class! 

On Saturday morning, the circus came to town! We made it in time for the pre-show, which is a little more hands on for the kids. Andrew was pretty happy to take part in the various activities, but surprisingly Jackson just wanted to watch from a safe distance. (And Jackson may have been pouting a bit because we wouldn't buy him one of the ridiculously overpriced light up toys they were hawking everywhere you turned.)

Both boys loved the actual show. There were elephants, trapeze artists, uni-cyclists and many other impressive acts, but the boys will tell you that their favorite part was a boy burping loudly into the microphone. Oh boys.

Sunday we went swimming with Jillian and Alex!

This summer Jackson has figured out that swimming underwater may be more fun than just splashing on the surface. He's becoming quite the little fish!

And fearless Andrew enjoyed making a big splash from atop daddy's shoulders...again and again and again!

Nana arrived on Saturday too, so the boys are getting to enjoy some quality time with her this week before she too has to return to work.

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