Thursday, August 20, 2015

St. Francisville

Ever heard of St. Francisville, Louisiana? I hadn't either (and I was born in Louisiana). But when presented with the chance to escape there last weekend with just these three pretty ladies, I didn't hesitate. As it turns out, plantations are the main feature in St. Francisville, which was right up my aptly named niece, Scarlette's, alley. Our girl's trip was to celebrate her 21st birthday (which yes, her turning 21 makes me feel terribly old). 

We stayed at a B&B which was a plantation itself and the grounds were just breathtaking. 

Our first plantation stop on Friday night was to The Myrtles plantation, allegedly one of the most haunted houses in America. We enjoyed our spooky tour of the house, and were relieved we were not spending the night there (Well, I was anyway. Scarlette may have wanted to hang out longer with the ghosts but not me, no way, no thanks.)

Our Saturday morning stop was Rosedown Plantation. It's pretty much exactly what my mind conjures when I think of a plantation. Big, old, beautiful, hot. Ok, maybe my mental image doesn't always think of it as hot, but it was, outside anyway (thank goodness for AC!)

The grounds were lovely and featured a number of meadows that begged to be frolicked in! I couldn't exactly frolic but Scarlette and Mel did the honors for me.

After lunch and some antique shopping, the girls hit up another plantation while I opted for a nap. =) It was an excellent choice.

Perhaps the highlight of the trip for me though (outside of quality time spent with my favorite ladies, of course) was all of the delicious food. I happily introduced Benjamin to shrimp and crawfish poboys, crab cakes, shrimp etouffee topped fish, Nachitoches meat pies...mmmm.

As much fun as the weekend was and as much as the girl time was seriously needed, by Sunday evening I was pretty eager to return to my boys, and the greeting I got when I walked in the door was rock star worthy.
Pictures texted to me while I was gone. Jackson wanted to show me his biggest piece of pizza ever!
Thanks for a wonderful weekend Mom, Mel and Scarlette. And a huge thanks to Justin for holding down the home front in my absence! 

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