Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Redemption Day

On Wednesday, I mentioned to Justin that I would love to find some time for Jackson to get some one-on-one time with us before he started kindergarten on Monday. He agreed but we didn't know how we would work that out. Well, I got my wish, but not in the way I would have chosen. On Wednesday night, we had Ms. Kari come over to stay with Jackson, Andrew and their buddy Caleb while the parents went to the Kindergarten Parent Orientation. An hour later, Ms. Kari texted me telling me that Jackson was complaining of a stomach ache, insisted on taking a bath by himself, put himself to bed, and was crying for mom. Sounds like normal behavior, right?

The next morning he wasn't any better, crying in pain as I was trying to get him dressed for school. It seems as though he was, ahem, just a little backed up, but he was so very uncomfortable. I knew he had to be really miserable because Thursday was actually his last day at his preschool and he had been looking forward to his class' end of year pool party for weeks. I decided to keep him home with me that morning and try to catch up with his class at the pool in time for the party that afternoon. We snuggled on the couch and snoozed a little and I tried to get him to drink lots of fluids, but without much success.
Poor baby
At lunchtime Jackson insisted that he was feeling up to meeting daddy for lunch and then going to his class party. But when he dissolved into a hot mess of whining and tears during lunch, I knew our next stop was urgent care rather than the party. The doctor at urgent care was worried about him too since he was in so much pain and had a fever, but a blood draw and an x-ray determined that he was just super constipated. Even though he was so uncomfortable, he charmed the pants off of all of the staff at urgent care. He told the doctor his whole relevant medical history, starting with a detailed account  of the timeline of the onset of his symptoms several days earlier and even including his peanut allergy. We left with a list of over the counter remedies to start on. Jackson really wanted to see his friends, so we caught up with them at Dairy Queen. He was feeling so crummy by this point though that he just sat and moped the whole time and then told me he wanted to go home. He did not want to hug or even say goodbye to his friends and teachers. It was an extremely anti-climatic and sad end to the year.

When we picked up Andrew, I insisted on trying to get a picture of both boys to commemorate their last day at the same school (until they are in 3rd grade and Kindergarten!) Key word there was "try".
Yep, that went well.
Of course, Jackson wasn't feeling up to going to his new school's meet the teacher night so I went by myself. It was a rough day for all of us.

Throughout the evening though, the medicines began to kick in and Jackson was feeling much better by bedtime. And by morning, we had our happy boy back. On Friday their school was closed, so Justin and I split the day at home with the boys. And oh my goodness, it was a day that totally redeemed the whole crappy (pun intended) day before. Thank you, Lord!

Jackson asked to go feed the ducks, and since a miraculous cold front had blown through I happily agreed. After weeks of 100+ degree temperatures, it was overcast and about 75 degrees mid morning in August in Texas. This just doesn't happen. It was truly a blessing.

The boys made some new waddling and quacking friends!

Andrew waddling like a duck.

After feeding the ducks, we were able to stop by Jackson's school for a do-over on the meet the teacher night, and it couldn't have gone better. He had totally undivided attention from his teacher and got to check out his classroom without any of the overwhelming crowds he would have contended with the night before. It was really a pretty perfect scenario.

After meeting his teacher, Jackson requested to go to campus and ride the buses and then have lunch in the MSC. We had a few minutes to kill in the MSC before our bus arrived, so Andrew made himself at home.

And the bus riding did not disappoint! 

We had the best time together. It really was a perfect morning that more than redeemed the terrible day before.

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