Sunday, August 30, 2015

Happy Birthday Justin!

The love of my life turned 35 on Friday, and I'm not sure I've quite wrapped my head around that. After all, the two of us celebrating his turning 20 doesn't really seem like that long ago. 

Well....then again maybe it does seem like it was a while ago. =)

He didn't want a lot of fanfare for his birthday. His only requests were mexican food and a salted caramel cupcake. Easy enough! After dinner out where both boys ate their weight in queso, we returned to the house to fulfill the second part of his request. 

Nana got to be there to celebrate too! I'm positive the 35 years have flown by for her too!

Guess who enjoyed their cupcake the most? As soon as he spied them in the box he demanded the "shocowate one" (that I had picked out for me, but that's ok buddy...if the shocowate one makes you happy, then go for it).

Thanks to Nana for babysitting, we did get to have an adult celebration too with Amber and Julian on Saturday night. Julian, Justin and Amber all celebrate their birthdays within 10 days of one another so we got together for dessert and drinks on Saturday night. No drinks for me, of course, but nobody claimed my dessert on this night so it was a good night! And we stayed out til past 11! Crazy, I know!

Happy birthday, babe! I'm glad you are paving the way for all these milestone birthdays for me!

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