Thursday, August 27, 2015

First Day of School

Well, after basically a whole summer of anticipation, the big day was finally here! First day of kindergarten for Jackson! And first day in the promises class for Andrew!

How did we get here so fast? 

And my goodness how big this boy looks!

Wahhhh. Where did my babies go?

With our bags all packed, breakfast eaten (at home, not in the car since Jackson's school is too close to get more than a couple of bites in), and pictures taken, we were off to school. Since it was the first day and everyone was getting walked inside, we had to park quite a ways away. Jackson told me as we were walking up to the building that he was a little nervous. I reassured him that everyone was a little nervous on the first day, and reminded him that since it's a brand new school, it was literally everyone's first day there.

He strode in quite confidently until he hit the doorway of his classroom. There were a couple of kids crying and having a hard time with the separation and he got a little freaked out. But he found his cubby and hung up his backpack like an old pro.

We made our way to his seat and that's when he kind of froze. He looks super sad in this picture, but he was really just solemn trying to take it all in.

He got started playing with his play dough and got a hug goodbye from his brother. One last hug from mom and dad and we were off. (Don't tell Jackson but it was in that last hug I teared up just a bit but he didn't see so it was ok!)

One drop off down, one to go! The remaining Malnar boy at the WDS ran in with no hesitation. He didn't seem to be too bothered by his brother's absence.

Andrew moved up to the next class at his school too. This was a pretty easy transition because 8 kids in his class all moved up together and they already know the teachers from seeing them on the playground and in the halls regularly.

4 days into the new school year and both boys are doing great. Jackson has simultaneously broken our hearts and made us so proud with the way he's become such an independent, big boy pretty much overnight. We lay out his clothes the night before and he gets fully dressed by himself before coming downstairs (oh, and he wants to wear a polo shirt every day "because it makes him look more handsome"...mmmkay). On Tuesday, his daddy walked him in to the gym where they meet each morning and starting on Wednesday he insisted on just getting dropped off and walking in by himself. This morning I had a meeting scheduled first thing after their morning assembly with his principal to discuss some PTO stuff so I walked in with him...sorta...he was annoyed that I was walking in with him and took off ahead of me without so much as a hug. When he saw me standing there watching the assembly (with a dozen or more other parents), he glared at me and turned the other direction. Thanks, buddy.

When we pick him up in the afternoon he is absolutely exhausted but happy. He's getting great reports from his teacher and he's especially loving his after school program where they play lots of games and even have computer time. I had to pick him up a little early on Tuesday because we had an event to go to that evening and he was so angry at me for cutting his time short. "Why did you pick me up early?!? Never ever ever pick me up early!" Alas, I am grateful that he is enjoying himself and it's far better than the alternative!

All in all, it's been a pretty smooth transition!

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