Monday, August 31, 2015

Big Brothers' Room

Getting ready for Benjamin has required a bit of a shuffling domino effect. First, back in April, we moved Andrew up into Jackson's room to free up the nursery. But we left all of Jackson and Andrew's clothes in the dresser downstairs because we intended to paint the furniture that was in their room upstairs (you know, the furniture we bought when we moved into this house two years ago with the intention to paint it...) But now with laundry baskets full of baby clothes that needed to be put away but didn't have a home (and a baby who will be here in about 3 weeks), we had the deadline we needed to get motivated!

Nana coming to town this weekend was a good opportunity to make it happen since I had reinforcements for getting the boys out of the house so Justin could knock out the furniture painting project. So while we hung out with these adorable bucket heads, Justin did all the hard work.

The boys were pretty excited about the finished project!

While Justin took care of the furniture painting, I got to put the finishing touches on the walls--decorations that actually reflect BOTH boys who live there, rather than just Jackson (so sorry sweet Andrew that it took Mommy a few months to make that happen for you).

This one's not a ham at all, is he?

Hopefully this a room these two brothers will enjoy sharing for years to come!

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