Saturday, August 22, 2015

34 Weeks!

How far along? 34 Weeks, 4 Days! About 31 days to go!

How big is baby? BabyCenter says about 18 inches long and almost 4.75 pounds. But let's be real...if he's on the same weight trajectory as his big brothers (and I'm betting he is), he's probably already about 6.5 pounds...and I've got a month to go carrying around this big ol baby.

Best Moment this Week: Lots of good stuff in the last 2 weeks...a surprise diaper shower with my bible study group, a fun baby shower lunch with my work friends, a girl's weekend getaway last weekend, and a massage today! Lots of love all around!

Movement: Still moving and grooving. There is what I believe to be a heel that digs sharply in to the top of my belly in the same spot as long as I am standing. If I've been cooking dinner or doing chores, I have to lay down to get him to move and get some relief.

Sleep: I'm noticing I feel less rested in the morning now. I know I am waking more to toss and turn (and groan as a I do so) because I can't stay comfortable in one position.

Food cravings/aversions: This week it was all things refreshing and cool--Sonic strawberry limeaid, watermelon, a fruit smoothie for breakfast. Yeah, the Texas summer heat is getting really old.

Gender: Boy! Benjamin Thomas.

Symptoms: This big belly gets in the way for almost everything now. Just sitting in a ladylike manner is pretty much impossible. My clothing options are getting more and more limited as I'm pretty much relegated to just the shirts that have some stretch to them (so long cute, fitted blouses) and have just a few pairs of pants that still fit without constricting the belly, especially when I sit down. Things I drop on the floor tend to just stay there's just not worth it to bend over! Thank goodness for sweet Andrew who is generally always willing to help mommy and will come and pick things up for me!

Labor Signs: Contractions pretty much every hour of the day now and getting stronger.

What I miss: Umm is "everything" an acceptable response? There's pretty much no part of my life that isn't significantly impacted at this point. 

On the to-do list: Still so much to do! We have been focusing on getting Jackson ready for kindergarten so there just hasn't been much time to focus on baby stuff. Poor third child. It has begun already for him. =(

What I am looking forward to: Settling into our new routine with Jackson's new school, orientation season being over (just one to go!), and getting to focus on getting ready for baby!

Daddy is...going to be busy in the next few weeks painting furniture for the big boys room and setting up all the gear and such. He has commented (quite affectionately) that I've reached the point in the pregnancy where he feels like the merciful thing to do would be just to take me out back and shoot me to put me out of my misery. 

Jackson and Andrew are...coping quite differently with the impending changes coming their way. Jackson, who is older and more aware that a new baby means less of mom and dad's time and attention and also dealing with the big change of starting kindergarten is going through a very challenging phase. He's testing the limits in terms of his attitude and demanding to call the shots all the time. He's reminded on a nearly daily basis that the world doesn't revolve around him. I understand why he's acting the way he is, but it's nevertheless exhausting.

Andrew is blissfully ignorant. He loves to kiss my belly and say hello to Benjamin. He's eager to help (although his "help" is rarely actually helpful", of course) and gets so excited when we talk about him being the big brother. 

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