Friday, July 3, 2015

Swimming Lessons

The boys had swimming lessons last week and instead of the lessons through the city, we opted for private lessons so they could take them at the same time. They did great!

Andrew wasn't so sure at first...

but after watching Jackson eagerly jump in and show off his stuff...

Ms. Courtney won him over in a hurry (she was awesome)!

By the last day, it was obvious how much they had improved! Jackson can really swim now. I'm not quite ready to turn him loose in deep water, but I feel confident that if he fell in, he could successfully swim to the side. His confidence in the water has soared and he loves to swim under water now.

Andrew is doing great for 2 1/2 as well! He's not at all afraid of putting his face in the water and is learning the basics of kicking his legs and blowing bubbles in the water.

Check them out in action!

Both of the boys' favorite part may have been when they practice jumping in.

I can only wish I looked this cool wearing my goggles!

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