Saturday, July 4, 2015

Proud to be an American

The boys' school had their annual 4th of July parade on Thursday. By "parade", I mean that the classes march around the gym twice in their hand crafted, patriotic attire and the older two classes sing a couple of songs. But the parents come out in droves, of course, and it's just precious.

Jackson's class was up first!

A few classes later, Mr. Andrew made his marching debut!

Andrew did so well, waving his little flag the whole time!

After all that marching, it was time for some singing. 

Performing for the very last time at the Weekday School (tear!), the Friendship Class sang moving renditions of Proud to be an American and God Bless America.

Don't worry, this proud little American did not forget his signature bows at the end of either song!

We hope you have a happy 4th filled with family or friends, delicious food and maybe even some fireworks!

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