Saturday, July 11, 2015

Field Trips, Field Trips and more Field Trips!

Jackson has been having so much fun on all of his summer field trips that I can hardly keep up. Justin and I have been lucky enough to tag along for just a couple of them in the last month. 

I got to go to the Fire Station with this fun bunch!

First, the crew was instructed on fire safety. Jackson was extremely attentive and wore this very worried expression throughout. Fire safety is serious business!

Climbing through the fire truck was much less anxiety provoking!

They toured the inside of the fire station, and even relaxed like the firefighters do!

Firefighters are our friends!

The next week, Justin got to make the trip to the Zoo with them.

Before taking off, everyone diligently studied the zoo map. It's always smart to have a plan! 

And then they were off!

What a fun day! This kid was happy to have his dad spend the day with him. 

Then last week, the class went to a local bakery for a tour and each child got to make a little loaf of bread. 

Fun and delicious!

Weekends at home with boring old mom and dad may be a little bit of a letdown compared to all of the fun he is having at school!

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