Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Beach Bums

We had the privilege of spending last week at the beach with this lovely bunch! The original "DuFrene 6" has multiplied into the "DuFrene 17" (18 when we are lucky enough to have Grandma Grandma join us!) and by December, there will be two more! 

For nearly a week, the 18 of us shared one house (with just 2 1/2 bathrooms!). It was loud, chaotic and we occasionally got on each other's nerves. But oh the memories! There's not another group of 17 people I would rather spend a week with!

The boys had been looking forward to the trip with eager anticipation. Andrew asked all week leading up to our leaving "I go on vacation?" As such, I was terribly naive to think that our first venture down to the beach would just be a chance to put our toes in the sand and that we could skip the swimsuits. Suit or no suit, Jackson was ready to dive right in!  

Properly outfitted the next morning, we settled comfortably into a week of being beach bums.

Five kids aged 7 and under makes for rocking dance parties, giddiness over fake tattoos (the more the better!), impressive pillow forts, and lots of opportunities to talk about sharing (especially when the object in question is a glow stick...even when there are no fewer than 50 of them available).

For a slight change of pace one day, we decided to head to the pool in one of the neighboring towns.

Another day, we took a picnic lunch down to the jetty pier. Jackson was convinced we would see crocodiles there, but we only saw fish and sea turtles!

At the end of the week, with our suitcases a little bit heavier from all of the sand, we packed up to head home. But not before stopping for our now traditional photo!
The last time we were here, Andrew was still in utero and Jackson was just a little toddler!
We actually made a stop in Houston before heading home to celebrate the birthday of our sweet Evie who was turning 4! Jackson and Andrew will tell you that Evie's party was their favorite part of their vacation, so I would call that a successful party!

What a great week! Thank you so much Grammy and Pop for the opportunity to make memories together as a family!

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