Sunday, July 12, 2015

28 Weeks

How far along? 28 Weeks, 4 days -- I'm seeing my OB every 2 weeks now! It's getting closer!

How big is baby? BabyCenter says about 15 inches about 2 lb, 4 oz. 

Best moment this week: Getting a new car! Now I can actually tote around all three kids! Also, not this week, but at my last appointment I had my glucose test for gestational diabetes and passed with flying colors! (I failed the first test with Andrew so I didn't take it for granted that I would pass.)

Movement: Lots of movement still. He moves all day long but definitely gets cranked up about an hour after I eat and when I lay down at night. He definitely prefers hanging out on the right side of my belly. The left side is always squishy and I rarely feel any kicks on that side. 

Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well. Back sleeping is definitely out now, since it's uncomfortable for even a few minutes. 

Food cravings/aversions: Nothing in particular. Still going with the crazy bad heartburn.

Gender: Boy! Benjamin Thomas!

Symptoms: Moving into the generally uncomfortable most of the time phase. Doing chores around the house or being on my feet for too long makes me achy in a hurry. I can still get comfortable laying down, but that's about it. 

Labor Signs: This is a new category for the updates! Lots of Braxton-Hicks contractions and I think he's settled head down now.

What I miss: Being able to get off the couch without significant effort!

What I am looking forward to: I have my last week of conferences this week and then finally a much more normal schedule! No more late nights working! Yay!

On the to-do list: Pretty much everything related to getting ready for the baby. Getting out the baby clothes, getting all the gear out of the attic, etc. Funny how we've started this process later and later with each pregnancy. By this point with Jackson we had his nursery pretty much all set, clothes hanging in the closet, diapers stockpiled and a running list of all the "stuff" we still "needed". Since it's our third time around we know that newborns really need very little. Simple clothes, diapers, a safe place to sleep, a couple of blankets. We'll be fine to wait a few more weeks to get started on all that. =)

Daddy affectionately referring to my growing belly as "the ticking time bomb". I get a little bigger each day and his time to get things in a good place at work and tackle projects at home grows smaller.

Jackson and Andrew...are giving us a run for our money. Andrew who is usually pretty laid back has been going through a very disagreeable phase, and Jackson who is typically pretty headstrong is really testing his limits lately. I think some of it has to do with how much I've been working--they really hardly saw me last week so I think they are acting out for attention. Hopefully now that things are settling down they will improve.
Don't let the sweet picture fool you! This was only between the dozen tantrums we experienced today!

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