Monday, June 15, 2015

Jackson's Shark Pool Party

Months ago, Jackson decided he wanted a pool party to celebrate his 5th birthday. He decided on a shark theme, because, you know, he's fierce like that and all. 

He was delighted with his invitations because he thought the black shark looked so cool and black is his favorite color. 

We put out a few sharky signs to greet guests as they arrived (there was a third but I didn't manage to get a picture of it).

Then as his guests arrived, they got to snap a picture with him in the shark mouth. Score for getting to reuse this photo booth from Jackson's 3rd Splish Splash party

He was so excited that two of his teachers, Ms. Natali and Ms. Kari, were able to come and celebrate with him!

Lots of old friends were able to come!

And lots of his friends from school too!

Pool parties might just be my new favorite. Everyone from the youngest to the oldest party goers had a great time enjoying the water. The sun even came out for the party which was questionable in the 12 hours beforehand when I was checking the weather forecast every hour.

The birthday boy chose the menu of simple snacks to go with his cupcakes.

I managed to snap a picture of the cupcakes before they started melting.

And after....oh well, if melted cupcakes were the worst part of the party, I think we did ok! But how cute are those shark fin cupcakes?

An enthusiastic rendition of happy birthday was sung (while the birthday boy protected his candle from the wind)....

And the #5 candle was blown out with gusto!

I think the birthday boy's favorite menu item was the blue gatorade. You've never seen a kid so excited about a beverage!

And so many presents! He opened them all in about 5 minutes and I think hardly realized what everything was. It wasn't until he got everything home and started going through it more deliberately that he really got excited.

Jackson thanked each of his friends for coming with a themed book. I love giving books as party favors because I suspect they are enjoyed longer than the typical party favor. I also order them through the boys' school Scholastic program, so their school gets points for the order too. Win-win!

What a fun morning celebrating our almost 5 year old! Do you think I can convince him to have a pool party every year?

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