Monday, June 22, 2015

Jackson is FIVE!

Dear Jackson,

You are now 5. I have to admit, I am a little sad. I was a big fan of 4. It was the perfect blend of independence while mommy and daddy were still your favorite people in the world.  
Physically, you have grown two full inches since Christmas, but you are still one of the smallest in your class (you are also one of the youngest). Today at the doctor, you weighed in at 36 lbs (18th percentile) and 41.75 inches (26th percentile). Your appetite has certainly grown though! When it's something you like, you can put it away. You regularly eat two sandwiches and can eat a man size cheeseburger when we go to C&Js which has become one of your favorite restaurants. 
But what you may lack in size, you definitely make up in personality. In your end of year portfolio, your teachers described you as the class clown and a "lady killer". Admittedly, this makes mommy and daddy a little nervous. You know how to use those big blue eyes, dimples and charm to your advantage. No one can stay mad at you for very long, and you are so smart and funny.
You are confident and eager to please. You are completely at ease with a microphone in your hand and a crowd to entertain. You can be a tad dramatic. Ok, maybe more than a tad. Lately, you have gravitated towards all things boy. You reject things that are "girl colors", only want to play with "boy toys", etc. You also only want to play with other boys these days. 
You have your mommy's intense focus. When you are zeroed in on something, it's hard to distract your attention to something else. You are great at puzzles. You received some big kid Lego sets for your birthday and we were blown away by how quickly you picked it up and are able to independently follow the directions to build some pretty sophisticated structures. (And then Andrew grabs said sophisticated structure and runs away with it and all hell breaks loose--but that's a story for another day...)
Year 4 has seen you fully embrace your role as the "biggest brother". You eagerly lead the way when Andrew is a little unsure. You are also known to convince Andrew to do things he knows he shouldn't do and take the fall for your collective mischief. The two of you wrestle constantly. You are also a sweet comforter to your little brother and Andrew's biggest hero. I can't wait to see how you continue to lead our little band of brothers as Benjamin joins the mix in the next few months.
As for favorites, here they are in your own words:

22 Birthday Questions

1.       How old are you? – Five!

2.       What do you want for your birthday? – A Thor hammer and a Harry Potter Wand

3.       What is your favorite color? – black and blue

4.       What is your favorite center at school? – Math Center, Home Center, Block Center

5.       What is your least favorite center at school? – Writing Center (true story, his penmanship needs work), Art Center, and Teacher Table

6.       What do you like to do with your family? --Going bowling, going to the Children's Museum and going down water slides.

7.       What is your favorite book? – Curious George and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

8.       What is your favorite tv show? – Curious George and Odd Squad

9.       What is your favorite movie? -- Big Hero 6

10.       Where is your favorite place to go? – Children's Museum

11.       What makes you happy? --  My favorite stuff. All kinds of stuff. Bowling, water slides, my favorite shows. Everything.

12.   What makes you sad? -- When y'all yell at me. 

13.   Who is your best friend? -- Jake Hobbs and my tough boy friends. Jack, Ethan, and Beckett. 

14.   What is your favorite food? -- Grilled cheese, sandwiches, quesadillas.

15.   What is your favorite toy? – My weapons. (Perfect example of scarcity creating increased demand. His "weapons" (foam swords, etc) are usually at the top of mommy's closet because as it turns out, they are not my favorite, so he doesn't see them very often.) 

16.   What song do you love to sing? -- Lullaby (by Billy Joel)

17.   What are you really good at? – Getting 5s (his school has a behavior chart and 5s are the best)

18.   What is your favorite restaurant? – McAllisters, C&Js BBQ and Texas Roadhouse. 

19.   What does your mom do for a job? – Help the Aggies! Help them to be new.

20.   What does your dad do for a job? – Help the people stay on the road. 

21.   What do you think about before you fall asleep? – I think about mommy snuggling with me all night. 

22.   What do you want to be when you grow up? – A zookeeper and maybe Santa.
Is there anything else you want to tell us? I like snuggling with my mommy. 

The next few months will bring you the challenge of a new school as you start kindergarten! I know you will thrive academically, easily make new friends and charm your new teacher. I know you are ready--I just hope we are. 

We love you so much sweet boy and we couldn't be more proud of you!

Happy 5th Birthday!


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