Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday Jackson!

After his party last Saturday, Jackson's birthday celebrations continued. On Monday, the day before his actual birthday, we brought a treat to his school to share with his class. 

I'm not sure if he was more pleased with his birthday crown, the birthday song, or the cookie cake. 

We put him to bed one last time on Monday as a 4 year old and he woke up the next morning as a newly minted 5 year old! My heart longed to spend the day with him but he was unfortunately born during the summer when it's difficult for me to get away from work. But with Nana in town, he still got to skip school and play all day. They went to the Children's Museum, Barnes and Noble, and Jackson played with all of his new gifts. Once Justin and I got off work that afternoon, Jackson chose bowling and Texas Roadhouse for his special birthday activities.

Handsome birthday boy!
Since he's a big 5 year old now, he insisted on no longer using the ball ramp. He actually did pretty good without it, outscoring his brother who was using the ramp by 13 points!

I would say that bowling is not Andrew's favorite activity of the moment. He enjoys when it's his turn, but otherwise there is too much waiting around. He sure can rock those bowling shoes though, can't he?

Please take note of the winner (and disregard the fact that none of us broke 100). =)

This 5 year old loves his mama! And Texas Roadhouse!

Daddy, Andrew and Nana were excited to celebrate with the birthday boy as well.

Waiting for him at home was his present from Mommy and Daddy. There wasn't one big thing he wanted this year, so he got a few little things, including the one thing he had been wanting most of all...a Thor Hammer. He was delighted!

One more birthday cupcake, one more singing of happy birthday and one more wish made while blowing out that #5 candle followed.

I don't think he could have wished for a happier day! Happy Birthday Jackson! 

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