Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Finally, the sun!

You may have heard...it's been raining a lot in Texas. Thankfully, College Station has escaped the devastation that many of our neighboring areas have experienced. But still, seeing the sun for a whole day is a rare treat.

Saturday was just such a rarity and we took full advantage! Our local library was kicking off their summer reading program so we made plans to go and pick up the boys' reading logs (Get free books for doing something we already do anyway? Sure, sign us up!) Only after we had already planned to go did we realize that the library wasn't playing around with their kickoff. The theme for this summer is Super Heroes so they had a bunch of real life super heroes there--EMTs, firemen, police officers, etc.

The helicopter was pretty cool, but Andrew was a little terrified when we got too close. Jackson though made himself at home and chatted with the EMT like they were old buds.

We even got to watch it take off a little while later.

Andrew was much more comfortable with the fire truck and asked "what's dat?" about a thousand times. 

The College Station Utility excavator was pretty popular with the kiddos. They got to "drive" the excavator and even blow the horn. Jackson smiled the whole time it was his turn.

Andrew brought his trademark intensity to his turn. He took his work very seriously!

We made it home with still about an hour until lunch time so Justin set up the sprinkler in the backyard.

Spraying your brother in the face is obviously the best part. Poor Andrew.

Don't go get your car washed or anything, but it looks like we actually have a whole week of sunny days ahead!


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    1. It was actually a super hero belt. It was a compromise. He wanted to wear the whole costume...cape, face mask, belt, shield. We pointed out those things might get in the way just a bit, so how about just the belt? =)