Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Finally, a name!

Our littlest boy is no longer nameless! We have finally made a decision.

Naming children is hard in general, so by the time you get to the third of a single gender, it's super hard. The greatest challenge this time was that there is now a precedent to follow. Jackson Emory and Andrew Grant both have a bit of a presidential theme to them (this was purely coincidental with the naming of Andrew, but now that it's there, we feel like we need to embrace it). They both also feature a proper, full name with a logical, and often used single syllable nickname. They are both classic, traditionally masculine names, so a super trendy, non-traditional, or a name that is given to both girls and boys wouldn't fit. We also didn't want a name that started with a J or an A. See what I mean? So many factors to consider!

There were a few contenders, but just one that checked all the boxes in our minds--and was still a name that we liked.

  • Presidential - check! 23rd president Benjamin Harrison, and though not a president, possibly the most famous Benjamin is of course, founding father Benjamin Franklin. 
  • Long name with a logical, single syllable nickname - check! Jack, Drew and Ben go nicely together, don't you think?
  • Classic, traditional, masculine - check! 
The origin of Benjamin is Biblical. Beloved youngest son of Jacob and Rachel and one of the founders of the 12 tribes of Israel. His name means "Son of my right hand".

The boys' middle names, Emory and Grant, are both family names of relatives who have passed, so we knew we wanted to continue that tradition. That turned out to be the easy part. We decided pretty early on in the process on Thomas, after Justin's grandfather (his mother's father). Thomas is also a family name on my side, being my great grandfather's name (my mother's father's father).

So there you have it, Benjamin Thomas Malnar.

Now I must get busy monogramming all the things. =)

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