Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Father's Day Weekend

After several busy weekends in a row, we finally had a weekend with nothing planned to just enjoy some family time. Just because we had nothing planned didn't mean we sat around bored though...we are good at finding things to do!

On Friday night, we went to the Brazos Valley Bombers baseball game where the boys were much more interested in the fireworks at the end than they were the actual game. For some reason, we didn't make it to a game last summer, but Jackson remembered intricate details of the experience from the summer before when he was barely three. When I told him we were going to the game, he said "Mommy can I run the bases at the end of the game?" Sure, buddy. "And then I get a sucker, right!?" He was right--they got a sucker after they ran the bases. 

Thankfully the fireworks show did not disappoint!

Saturday morning we went swimming with friends. I actually didn't take any pictures of that adventure, but swimming pictures all look about the same, right? Please accept these substitutes from a few weekends ago that I never got around to posting...

After a late night on Friday, swimming on Saturday morning, and no nap for Jackson since he ended up staying for an afternoon play date, we made it an early night on Saturday. We needed our rest because Sunday meant we were celebrating our favorite man all day!

The boys "helped" me make Daddy breakfast in bed and were delighted to share in the experience too.

Andrew even helped Daddy read his cards. 

The day wrapped up with snowcones, a couple errands, and dinner at one of Justin's favorite places.

This man is such a blessing to our family. Especially during the summer when my work is so crazy, he is basically a single dad and is the glue that holds us all together. I never knew how much I could love him until I saw the way he loves our boys. We love you Justin!!

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