Sunday, June 28, 2015

Boys and Girls

As a psychology major in college, I learned a lot about the "nature-nurture" debate, particularly when it came to gender differences. Before I had kids, I believed that most of what we think about gender differences was learned rather than innate. After having boys and being intentional to not perpetuate gender-role stereotypes with them, they still surprise me sometimes with things they say or doing being so stereotypically boy

Take for example one day when putting together a large puzzle with his friend Jillian....

As they are working diligently on the puzzle, Jackson is doing his thing, sorting the pieces and finding ones that go together based on their shape and such. Jillian picks up the box with the picture on it and says "Jackson, I think we need to look at the instructions". Jackson, not even looking up, says indignantly "I don't need instructions!"


Boy or girl, they are all pretty cute kids!

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