Monday, June 29, 2015

Andrew is Potty Trained!!!

Remember our attempt at potty training back in January...key word being attempt? Since then, Andrew has been having some pretty good success at school but was completely disinterested in pottying at home. So he's been in underwear at school for probably 3 months, but still wearing pull-ups at home. About 6 weeks ago, he told us "no more diapers!" and he was serious! Since then he's done awesome. It's definitely like a switch flipped for him. He's even a pro at going potty in public (and loves it--we visit EVERY bathroom while we are out--sometimes more than once, especially if it's during a mealtime). He's even waking up from nap and in the morning dry most of the time! So well done Andrew and well done Bumblebees Class Teachers (as parents, we seriously did nothing except follow his lead)!

He's still pretty pleased with himself and loves picking out his underwear each day. Now he says "Benjamin wears diapers...I wear underwears!"

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