Saturday, May 9, 2015

Close encounters with the animal kind

Our boys love animals. All of them. Big, small, furry, scaly, hopping, slithering or galloping. They love them.

So one event they look forward to each year is the Texas A&M Vet School Open House. They especially love the petting zoo! Now Jackson at age 2 was a little leery of petting zoos. Now that he's a bit taller and not at eye level with all of the creatures, he's much more comfortable. Andrew at age 2 though...I'm not sure I've ever seen him more at ease!
We must be doing something right...every time Jackson sees a Longhorn cow, he says "Ugh, stinky longhorn!" 
Our backyard has also been teeming with wildlife this spring. We have a family of bunnies that regularly makes an appearance, lots of birds, a little garter snake we found in the grass, the occasional frog, and thanks to all the rain, thousands of roly polys. One of Jackson's favorite past times is digging for them. He collects a bunch of them and then when he's done, he digs them each a separate little hole and "sends them to their rooms". 

While we were on our cruise, we had a mother dove build a nest on top of a ladder we had left propped against the wall. Before long we had baby birds, then fledglings, and then last week, we noticed the nest was empty and the little birds were hopping alone in the yard. By the next day they were gone! Those birds don't waste any time!

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