Thursday, April 16, 2015

Happy Easter!

Just pretend this post was a week ago, mmmkay? But I've got a good excuse this time! Justin and I took off on Easter Sunday for a week long, early anniversary cruise! More on that later...

First though, before we sailed off into the sunny Caribbean, we spent a couple of family-filled days at the Cabin in the Woods for Easter. Our annual, and much anticipated, crawfish boil was on Saturday.

Jackson is not at all afraid of the crawfish and made "friends" with them quickly this year!

Andrew and Evie were just as interested, but not as hands-on. 

Sadly for Jackson, the rest of us were eager to boil up his little crustacean friends. They were delicious. (Perhaps I couldn't get my rings off 12 hours later thanks to all the salt combined with pregnancy swelling, but they were delicious.) =)

To beat the rain and so Justin and I would get to enjoy, we also had the Easter egg hunt on Saturday.

These three were quite a bit more cooperative for their pre-hunt picture than they were last year (and my how they've grown)!

 And then they were off!

The next morning, the Easter bunny had come to visit! The boys were delighted by their treasures, including eggs filled with (plastic) bugs.

Right after Easter baskets, Justin and I had to leave to catch our boat, but Grammy texted us these pictures of the boys all dressed up for church.

It was quite strange not heading to church on Easter, but we had church in the car on the way to the port--the boat was waiting for us!

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