Sunday, April 19, 2015


Next month Justin and I will celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary! As it turns out, the end of May is a little bit busy in my world (our anniversary this year is actually the day of our first freshman orientation so Justin and I will be lucky to spend 10 minutes together), so we decided to celebrate early before things get so crazy that I can't get away. 

So Easter Sunday, we headed down to the port of Galveston and were welcomed aboard the Navigator of the Seas. Since it was our big anniversary and all, we sprang for a balcony cabin--a first for us! The port of Galveston leaves a little to be desired in terms of scenery but no matter--we were on vacation! Alone! Also a first for us since we had kids. We knew the boys were in good hands with Grammy and Pop so we quickly settled into vacation mode.

Our first two days were at sea which was perfect. Breakfast, reading/nap on the deck, lunch, reading/nap in the room, go to the early show, late dinner, hang out for a while and then bed. Repeat. The only difference on the second day was that we both got a little too much sun the first day so we moved to a shaded deck.

The second night was also our first formal night which really just meant we got a little more dressed up and took some pictures before dinner.

Wednesday was our first port day on the beautiful island of Roatan in Honduras.

We spent the day at Little French Key which is actually a small island off of the big island. It was beautiful and our favorite port of the trip. It was really as pretty as a postcard and the pictures don't even do it justice.

We kayaked around the island and Justin was brave and tried out the paddleboard.

But mostly we just relaxed. =)

One of the unique things about Little French Key was the little zoo they had there. They have rescued animals from bad situations all over Central America. There were baby monkeys hanging out with guests, and this leopard named Simba who swims in the ocean every afternoon for exercise. Not a bad life, huh?

Our next day was in Belize. Due to the coral reefs, Belize requires a tender operation which takes a while, but at least we got some good pictures of the boat.

Belize has some really fun excursions like ziplining and cave tubing. All of the really fun stuff was off limits for me (all of them had the warning that pregnant women should not participate) so we "settled" for another day at the beach on a private island. We can't complain too much.

Our last port day was in Cozumel, Mexico. This was actually our fourth trip to Cozumel so we went to our usual Chankanaab Park.

It was more crowded than it's been on our previous visits and the water was COLD, but we still enjoyed the snorkeling.

There were a lot more interesting things to see underwater but the following shots were the last ones we were able to take before the camera died. Like, won't turn on at all now. That lovely shot of me in my snorkeling gear literally broke the camera.

Oh well, at least I clean up ok. The night after Cozumel was our last formal night...aka lobster night in the dining room. Our waiter liked us and may have given us each two plates of lobster. It was delicious.

The last day was another day at sea, which we spent much like the first two days except with more naps, at least for me. I guess all of those busy days in port wore me out. =)

All too soon it was back to reality. We were happy to see the boys but I can't say they were thrilled to see us after the awesome week they had with Grammy and Pop. I know Grammy and Pop were glad to see us though!

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