Thursday, April 23, 2015

Andrew's Big Boy Bed

Andrew has officially moved to his big boy bed!

Justin and I picked it up in Houston when we were on our way back from the cruise, so Pop was there to help us get it up the stairs and put it together. 

There were a few eager helpers....

While we technically have the space for each child to have their own room, for now having a playroom trumps the need for separate space, and both boys were and are excited to share a room. Mommy and Daddy are excited that sharing a room has streamlined the bedtime routine since now we can do stories, prayers, songs and snuggles all together.

Andrew is doing GREAT with the transition. For the last few months we have really struggled with getting him to stay in his bed after bedtime. He would come up with a million reasons to get up and would take forever to fall asleep. This pretty much instantly stopped when he moved into the "big boy" room. I'm not sure if it's the peer pressure (Jackson is quick to lay down the law because he is tired and ready to go to sleep) or if it's just quieter upstairs, but either way we are delighted.

And of course now we have an vacant nursery ready for its next occupant! Well done, Andrew!


  1. Just a walk-in closet...that you can get into by walking in the other door that's less than 2 feet away. No idea why the builder felt the need for 2 doors, effectively killing a whole wall of space. It's awkward but it works!