Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Baby #3 18 week update

How far along? 18 Weeks (exactly! Way to go me for actually posting this one on time!)

How big is baby? About 5 1/2 inches (crown to rump) and seven ounces, about the size of a bell pepper.

Best moment this week: Finding out that my brother and his wifey Alison are expecting as well! Yay for babies! They are due in December, so our babies will only be about 2 months apart. I would have loved a cousin close to my age when I was a kid so this is so fun!

Movement: Yes -- still pretty subtle and I've been very busy at work so I don't really notice until I get still and quiet in the evening but growing more frequent. 

Sleep: Sleeping like a rock until I wake up every night to pee only about an hour before my alarm goes off. I hate that! I would much rather it be a middle of the night wake up call!  

Food cravings/aversions: Cravings--still dairy and just HUNGRY. My appetite and ability to eat more at each meal has definitely increased...especially considering just a few weeks ago I had a hard time eating even a small size meal before I felt full and queasy.

Gender: TBA May 11 so only 11 more days to wait!  I did have a dream last night that we were at our big gender reveal ultrasound and the doctor announced "It's a boy!" Otherwise I'm still thinking girl. 

Symptoms: Just getting rounder by the day. I had my first instances this week of strangers/acquaintances noticing my pregnancy and feeling sure enough to comment on it. This doesn't bother me one bit. I would much rather be obviously pregnant than just look like I ate too much or have put on some weight for no reason!

What I miss: Being able to breathe! I've had a cold for the last week and can't really take any medicine that helps so I'm just constantly breathing through my mouth and coughing like an old man. It's quite attractive.

What I am looking forward to: Mother's Day is coming up and Jackson is already talking about what he is cooking me for breakfast in bed so I'm pretty excited about getting spoiled by my guys. And then the gender reveal is the next day!

On the to-do list: I want to take care of the decorating and details in the boys' shared room before attention gets shifted to my crazy summer of work and baby prep. 

Daddy is....making me laugh when he gives sideways glances and looks of surprise at my belly that seems to get bigger by the day. Obviously he knows I'm pregnant and has seen it all before, but it's like he forgets temporarily and then is surprised to see it.

Jackson is...getting registered for kindergarten in just a few days! How did this happen?!?! He was just a newborn last week, right?

Andrew...seems to think there is a baby in his belly too and asks when it will come out.

18 week comparison shot. I think maybe I'm carrying higher this time around?

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