Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Baby #3 18 week update

How far along? 18 Weeks (exactly! Way to go me for actually posting this one on time!)

How big is baby? About 5 1/2 inches (crown to rump) and seven ounces, about the size of a bell pepper.

Best moment this week: Finding out that my brother and his wifey Alison are expecting as well! Yay for babies! They are due in December, so our babies will only be about 2 months apart. I would have loved a cousin close to my age when I was a kid so this is so fun!

Movement: Yes -- still pretty subtle and I've been very busy at work so I don't really notice until I get still and quiet in the evening but growing more frequent. 

Sleep: Sleeping like a rock until I wake up every night to pee only about an hour before my alarm goes off. I hate that! I would much rather it be a middle of the night wake up call!  

Food cravings/aversions: Cravings--still dairy and just HUNGRY. My appetite and ability to eat more at each meal has definitely increased...especially considering just a few weeks ago I had a hard time eating even a small size meal before I felt full and queasy.

Gender: TBA May 11 so only 11 more days to wait!  I did have a dream last night that we were at our big gender reveal ultrasound and the doctor announced "It's a boy!" Otherwise I'm still thinking girl. 

Symptoms: Just getting rounder by the day. I had my first instances this week of strangers/acquaintances noticing my pregnancy and feeling sure enough to comment on it. This doesn't bother me one bit. I would much rather be obviously pregnant than just look like I ate too much or have put on some weight for no reason!

What I miss: Being able to breathe! I've had a cold for the last week and can't really take any medicine that helps so I'm just constantly breathing through my mouth and coughing like an old man. It's quite attractive.

What I am looking forward to: Mother's Day is coming up and Jackson is already talking about what he is cooking me for breakfast in bed so I'm pretty excited about getting spoiled by my guys. And then the gender reveal is the next day!

On the to-do list: I want to take care of the decorating and details in the boys' shared room before attention gets shifted to my crazy summer of work and baby prep. 

Daddy is....making me laugh when he gives sideways glances and looks of surprise at my belly that seems to get bigger by the day. Obviously he knows I'm pregnant and has seen it all before, but it's like he forgets temporarily and then is surprised to see it.

Jackson is...getting registered for kindergarten in just a few days! How did this happen?!?! He was just a newborn last week, right?

Andrew...seems to think there is a baby in his belly too and asks when it will come out.

18 week comparison shot. I think maybe I'm carrying higher this time around?

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Last Weekend

I'm still catching up a bit. It may have been just yesterday that I finally got my suitcase emptied and put away, so to only be a week behind blogging isn't too bad, right?

Last weekend was Parents' Weekend here in Aggieland. On Saturday night, Parents' Weekend hosted a movie night followed by Yell Practice on campus, so we took the boys. Before Yell Practice started they got to meet the new Yell Leaders backstage!

It poured buckets on Friday night, so while I went to two different Parents' Weekend events on Saturday, the boys played in the puddles. As you can tell, they had an awful time and missed me terribly.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Cowboy {&} Boots

Last Friday was Jackson's Rodeo Day at school. He was happy to dress up as a cowboy, complete with the "snake in my boot!" The only thing this precious cowboy was missing was....

BOOTS! Justin's brother is getting married in a few weeks and all the groomsmen are wearing boots, so Justin had to buy a pair. He's had a few helpers for breaking them in!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Andrew's Big Boy Bed

Andrew has officially moved to his big boy bed!

Justin and I picked it up in Houston when we were on our way back from the cruise, so Pop was there to help us get it up the stairs and put it together. 

There were a few eager helpers....

While we technically have the space for each child to have their own room, for now having a playroom trumps the need for separate space, and both boys were and are excited to share a room. Mommy and Daddy are excited that sharing a room has streamlined the bedtime routine since now we can do stories, prayers, songs and snuggles all together.

Andrew is doing GREAT with the transition. For the last few months we have really struggled with getting him to stay in his bed after bedtime. He would come up with a million reasons to get up and would take forever to fall asleep. This pretty much instantly stopped when he moved into the "big boy" room. I'm not sure if it's the peer pressure (Jackson is quick to lay down the law because he is tired and ready to go to sleep) or if it's just quieter upstairs, but either way we are delighted.

And of course now we have an vacant nursery ready for its next occupant! Well done, Andrew!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

16 Week Update

How far along? 16 weeks, 6 days

How big is baby? About 5 inches (crown to rump) and a whopping five ounces.

Best moment this week: Feeling more flutters and nudges! 

Movement: Yes, definitely. Began feeling some definitive movement during the 15th week. Now I'm feeling baby move a couple of times a day, still only when I'm very still and usually laying down.

Sleep: I miss all of the naps on the cruise but doing ok. Still definitely going to bed earlier than I did pre-pregnancy since I am a night owl by nature, but I'm making it to 10:00 most nights.

Food cravings/aversions: No real aversions at this point. Dairy has moved WAY up on the list of cravings in the last couple of weeks. Milk, yogurt, string cheese, ice cream are all winners currently. Baby's bone calcification is revving up so this makes complete sense.

Gender: TBA May 11. Still feeling girl, but we'll see. 

Symptoms: The nausea seemed to finally dissipate when we were on the cruise. I think the nausea was closely tied to fatigue so while I was getting plenty of rest and lots of naps it was much better. I've weaned off my prescription anti-nausea medicine from 3 pills a day to 1 and doing ok. I will probably be completely off of it by next week. New symptoms are just feeling the effects of a growing belly--shortness of breath, bending at the waist getting uncomfortable, etc. I have a short torso so space gets pretty tight quickly.

What I miss: Picking up the boys. I still do it when I have to but trying to do it less and less. 

What I am looking forward to: 19 days and counting until the big gender reveal!

On the to-do list: Hmmm we are kind of at a standstill baby-wise until we know the gender. 

Daddy is.... glad he is not cooking every meal AND doing the dishes. 

Jackson is...excited to talk about all the ways he will help when he's the "biggest" brother. Except changing stinky diapers. Anything else he is willing to do though, particularly if it involves bossing Andrew around in some way. He asked Daddy to record the baby's heartbeat at our appointment last week, so here it is, thumping away at 158 BPM.

Andrew is...officially moved into a big boy bed in Jackson's room! Full blog post on that development coming soon.

Finally, here's the comparison shot you've been waiting for...

Monday, April 20, 2015

While the cats were away...

I'm not exaggerating when I say that the boys didn't really miss us while we were on our cruise. They stayed with their Grammy and Pop who kept them very busy. These are just the highlights that mom texted to me when we intermittently had wi-fi while in port.

They visited a Natural History Museum and the Texas Forestry Museum and had pizza and ice cream for lunch...

They made smores, swam in the hot tub, fed ducks, went to Taco Bueno, enjoyed a boat ride and had a picnic on the boat...

Midweek they returned to College Station so the boys could go to school on Thursday and Friday (and so Grammy and Pop could have a little break). Once home they enjoyed lots of time in the backyard, found a birds nest on the back porch, went for scooter rides around the neighborhood, and went out for pizza...

And even movie night on Friday AND Saturday night!

What a busy and fun week! Most importantly, they got to spend it with two of their favorite people in the whole world. Can you blame them for not being overjoyed to see us and return to normal, boring everyday life? 

Thank you Grammy and Pop for taking such good care of our boys while we were gone! It was easy to relax knowing they were in such good hands.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Next month Justin and I will celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary! As it turns out, the end of May is a little bit busy in my world (our anniversary this year is actually the day of our first freshman orientation so Justin and I will be lucky to spend 10 minutes together), so we decided to celebrate early before things get so crazy that I can't get away. 

So Easter Sunday, we headed down to the port of Galveston and were welcomed aboard the Navigator of the Seas. Since it was our big anniversary and all, we sprang for a balcony cabin--a first for us! The port of Galveston leaves a little to be desired in terms of scenery but no matter--we were on vacation! Alone! Also a first for us since we had kids. We knew the boys were in good hands with Grammy and Pop so we quickly settled into vacation mode.

Our first two days were at sea which was perfect. Breakfast, reading/nap on the deck, lunch, reading/nap in the room, go to the early show, late dinner, hang out for a while and then bed. Repeat. The only difference on the second day was that we both got a little too much sun the first day so we moved to a shaded deck.

The second night was also our first formal night which really just meant we got a little more dressed up and took some pictures before dinner.

Wednesday was our first port day on the beautiful island of Roatan in Honduras.

We spent the day at Little French Key which is actually a small island off of the big island. It was beautiful and our favorite port of the trip. It was really as pretty as a postcard and the pictures don't even do it justice.

We kayaked around the island and Justin was brave and tried out the paddleboard.

But mostly we just relaxed. =)

One of the unique things about Little French Key was the little zoo they had there. They have rescued animals from bad situations all over Central America. There were baby monkeys hanging out with guests, and this leopard named Simba who swims in the ocean every afternoon for exercise. Not a bad life, huh?

Our next day was in Belize. Due to the coral reefs, Belize requires a tender operation which takes a while, but at least we got some good pictures of the boat.

Belize has some really fun excursions like ziplining and cave tubing. All of the really fun stuff was off limits for me (all of them had the warning that pregnant women should not participate) so we "settled" for another day at the beach on a private island. We can't complain too much.

Our last port day was in Cozumel, Mexico. This was actually our fourth trip to Cozumel so we went to our usual Chankanaab Park.

It was more crowded than it's been on our previous visits and the water was COLD, but we still enjoyed the snorkeling.

There were a lot more interesting things to see underwater but the following shots were the last ones we were able to take before the camera died. Like, won't turn on at all now. That lovely shot of me in my snorkeling gear literally broke the camera.

Oh well, at least I clean up ok. The night after Cozumel was our last formal night...aka lobster night in the dining room. Our waiter liked us and may have given us each two plates of lobster. It was delicious.

The last day was another day at sea, which we spent much like the first two days except with more naps, at least for me. I guess all of those busy days in port wore me out. =)

All too soon it was back to reality. We were happy to see the boys but I can't say they were thrilled to see us after the awesome week they had with Grammy and Pop. I know Grammy and Pop were glad to see us though!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Happy Easter!

Just pretend this post was a week ago, mmmkay? But I've got a good excuse this time! Justin and I took off on Easter Sunday for a week long, early anniversary cruise! More on that later...

First though, before we sailed off into the sunny Caribbean, we spent a couple of family-filled days at the Cabin in the Woods for Easter. Our annual, and much anticipated, crawfish boil was on Saturday.

Jackson is not at all afraid of the crawfish and made "friends" with them quickly this year!

Andrew and Evie were just as interested, but not as hands-on. 

Sadly for Jackson, the rest of us were eager to boil up his little crustacean friends. They were delicious. (Perhaps I couldn't get my rings off 12 hours later thanks to all the salt combined with pregnancy swelling, but they were delicious.) =)

To beat the rain and so Justin and I would get to enjoy, we also had the Easter egg hunt on Saturday.

These three were quite a bit more cooperative for their pre-hunt picture than they were last year (and my how they've grown)!

 And then they were off!

The next morning, the Easter bunny had come to visit! The boys were delighted by their treasures, including eggs filled with (plastic) bugs.

Right after Easter baskets, Justin and I had to leave to catch our boat, but Grammy texted us these pictures of the boys all dressed up for church.

It was quite strange not heading to church on Easter, but we had church in the car on the way to the port--the boat was waiting for us!