Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The last 10 weeks

Y'all, it's past 9:00...and I'm still up! Crazy! So maybe I can get back on the blogging wagon...so here's a little update on the last 10 weeks of this pregnancy...

January 20 - Positive Pregnancy Test @ 3 weeks, 6 days gestation
You all know I'm a planner. This pregnancy was absolutely no different. I was confident I was pregnant, it was just a matter of being patient enough for the test to say so. As it turns out, I am not patient (I know, big surprise!). I took five negative tests in the preceding days, although I knew rationally it was too early to get a positive. The morning of the 20th was the big day--the day it was actually biologically possible the test could be positive. I took the test when I first woke up and the second pink line didn't immediately appear so I got in the shower. When I got out of the shower, I saw the faintest, yet still very much there, second line had appeared. Yay!

With our other two pregnancies, I pretty much just handed Justin the test and that is how I told him we were expecting. This may be our last baby (especially after the last few weeks when I've had many thoughts of "never again"), so I thought I would try to make it slightly more special. I quickly put together this little card for him while I was at work that day and gave it to him while he was cooking dinner later that night.

3 kids in car seats put us in minivan territory, y'all. 

I look happy and radiant here. This was before my soul was sucked out with 8 weeks of constant nausea and fatigue.

Week 4/5 Symptoms
Not many, just tired. A few passing moments of queasiness/dizziness, and really hungry in the morning. That all changed at precisely on February 2nd at 5 weeks, 6 days. That is when the constant, all day, every day except when I'm sleeping nausea started.

Week 6/7
Lots of nausea. Just like with my other two pregnancies, I wasn't vomiting but felt like I could at any point, and if I didn't eat something high in protein every two hours it got even worse. I had the sea bands, ginger candies and ginger ale. Nothing really helped for long. I went to a conference for work in Dallas when I was about 6 1/2 weeks. The conference sessions were informative, the hotel had a great view of downtown Dallas and I got to see some old friends, but perhaps the best part of the conference was the night I stayed in, ordered room service, watched The Bachelor and was asleep by 9. Glorious.

Mmmm bacon mac n cheese.

Week 8
Finally! Doctor's Appt Day! The day I had been waiting for to get to see this little person on screen! (And to make sure there's just one of em in there because I had a nightmare about twins). Ultrasound confirmed the September 30th due date. Doctor also gave me a prescription for the anti nausea medication Diclegis which has proved to be wonderful. I was still exhausted, but the nausea was more manageable.
Baby looked great with a strong heartbeat--167 bpm!

Weeks 9-12
More of the same. I kept telling myself I would be turning the corner soon (since that is what happened with my first pregnancies) but the relief seemed far away. This is when I started to feel like this pregnancy was different than my first two. I've had lots more nausea in the evening and at night which was not the case with the others and the ickiness in general has just been more intense. I will be 13 weeks tomorrow, and finally starting to feel a little better. The fact that I am still up and feeling somewhat productive (if you consider sitting on the couch blogging to be productive...I do--don't judge) is encouraging. At our 12 week appointment, the doctor had trouble finding the baby's heartbeat, so we got to have a quick ultrasound to take a peek.
Baby was fine...just wiggly. Heartbeat was at 171 bpm. Look closely and you can even see the little one's ears! (This is a view from the back)

So there we go, we're all updated. Hopefully I can keep up now. Off to bed!

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