Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Break

We've found lots of evidence lately that Spring has finally arrived in Texas!

Roly-poly's everywhere...

Longer days which means more time spent outside in the warming weather...
Andrew often "flies" like a super hero as his preferred gait!
And Spring Break! We got 3 whole days off this year, so we headed to the Cabin in the Woods. Since Amber was going to be a single mom most of the days due to her hubby's school and work commitments, I invited her to join us on our East Texas retreat.

Jackson and Andrew were eager to show their friends all over their favorite place in the world.

We went on a nature scavenger hunt and the kiddos found all sorts of interesting leaves and flowers.

Andrew even taught Alex how to drive the tractor!

One day, we took a little field trip to the zoo in Lufkin.

Everyone was impressed by the free-range peacocks that were really putting on a show for us this visit.

The weather wasn't ideal for our visit. The forecast included rain most of the days we were there, though we were lucky enough to avoid it all but the last day. With the weather pretty dreary, Pop, Tristan and the cardboard fort came to the rescue for entertaining four little ones!

Thank you Grammy and Pop for the warm hospitality, delicious meals and patience with all of our kiddos! We had a great, relaxing time. 

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