Friday, February 27, 2015

Telling the Boys

We waited to tell the boys about their new sibling until after our first appointment with the doctor. We knew Jackson would be more than eager to share the news with everyone, so we wanted to be assured that everything with the baby looked good. I think their reaction was pretty perfect!

As predicted, after learning the news, Jackson was delighted to share his news with virtually everyone he encountered. "My mommy is having another baby!" I think his whole school knew within an hour or two after his arrival the next day. We are excited that they are excited!

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  1. When my parents told my brother (I'm the oldest, then my sister, then him) they were having another boy, they told him he wouldn't but the little prince anymore, to which he replied, "Well, then I will be the king!" I was reminded of that when Jackson expressed that he would be the "bigger brother." :)