Saturday, January 3, 2015

Three Saturdays

Ok, so we didn't really have three Saturdays, but it has definitely felt like it! We returned home on New Year's Eve, so New Year's Day felt like the first Saturday...the day we typically spend doing laundry, going to the grocery know all the boring stuff that must happen. So with those things out of the way, it has left us with two more [Satur]days to do fun stuff.

Yesterday, with the rain still coming down, we went to check out the newly relocated Children's Museum. We had high hopes for the new location, thinking that there would be new exhibits and such. Not so much, though it is improved over the old place. I try not to be disappointed in our small town Children's Museum because the boys still always have a great time and we can easily spend a few hours there. 

Then today (actual Saturday) the rain finally stopped and the sun began to peek through. The boys received rain boots from Uncle Matt and Aunt MaryAnn for Christmas and had been begging to try them out. While I got ready for the day this morning, Justin took the boys out to find some puddles. Boy, did they find some impressive puddles!

While the goal of rubber boots is to not get wet and we didn't exactly accomplish that, your present is definitely a hit Matt & MaryAnn! 

And finally, I shared this little gem on Facebook already, but want to preserve it here for posterity. Jackson and Andrew were playing in the storage ottoman last night. As Jackson closed Andrew in the storage ottoman he said "pretend you're Jesus and you just died and you're in the cave." I'm not sure whether I should be proud or concerned!

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