Sunday, January 25, 2015

Saying Goodbye to GG

This week, we said goodbye to Justin's great grandmother, affectionately known as GG. She was 101. We will miss having her here on earth, but take comfort in knowing that we will see her again and that now she is reunited with her love. Her husband Emory, Justin's great granddaddy, passed in 1996, after they had been married for more than 60 years. What an example of love we have to follow!

We traveled to Dallas on Saturday to attend the service, and enjoyed visiting with all of the family that had gathered to celebrate GG's life. We left the boys in good hands back in College Station, so we felt like we actually had a chance to sit and enjoy conversation with everyone instead of chasing kids.

While we were in Dallas, the boys were at school and then Grammy and Pop came and picked them up. They had pizza for dinner and then movie night. No, they didn't miss us at all.

Gram and Pop spent the rest of the weekend with us and got to enjoy family game night. Mouse Trap and Candy Land were blessedly brief, but Chutes and Ladders always seems like the game that will not end. Or is it just me?

Andrew was tickled that Pop and Gram enthusiastically joined his marching band.

Thank you Grammy and Pop for helping us out!

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